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Rose Healthcare is structured to facilitate a slow medicine approach, while providing a priority access clinic to our regular patients when rapid care is required.

Preventative Health

Preventative care, and its buddy, executive health, are mainstays of Rose Healthcare’s philosophy. We believe that true wellness comes from addressing basic health needs first, before acute issues arise. Our preventative and executive health checks encompass a full scope systems review and detailed personal medical history assessment. We assess your individual risk factors in order to make key decisions about necessary investigations that will most likely flag issues of concern. We then provide a detailed Health Stem Report with our recommendations.

We pride ourselves on taking a longitudinal approach to care – this is the beauty of general practice and primary care. But this takes time. Getting to know our patients, especially when meeting them, requires a prolonged consultation in order to provide a thorough and holistic approach to your care.

Here we will cover a detailed review of your medical history, social factors, family history, medication review, as about risk factors that may impact your health. You can expect that procedures such as pathology testing and physical examination are performed by our experienced clinician.

We recommend that all new patients have an initial 40 minute appointment, and for existing patients to book this longer duration consult for complex conditions that arise.

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Other services we offer

We offer the following services, but understand that some patients will have complex needs requiring custom treatments. Please get in touch if you have further questions.