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Our standard consultation fees.

We are a private practice that focuses on quality, slow medicine care. Our fees reflect this accordingly. A schedule of fees will be discussed with you upon booking, or enquire at [email protected] for a full fee schedule.

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Appointment fees are based on time taken during the consultation, not the time booked.

Cancellation policy: 24 hours notice is required to cancel all appointments, except Rapid Access Clinic appointments that have a 2 hour cancellation window.

Indicative consultation fees below, subject to doctor’s discretion. Please note consultation fee is based on time taken, not appointment type booked.

We accept credit/debit/EFTPOS card payments only.

Telehealth is available but rebates can only be processed for patients who have had a face to face appointment within the previous 12 months.

We encourage patients to register each calendar year for the Medicare Extended Safety Net, which ensures out of pocket costs are covered beyond standard rates, once a threshold has been reached.

We recommend all new patients to have a 40 minute appointment in order to benefit from the full scope of slow medicine, which is an ethos that Rose Healthcare strives to practice. However, new patients are welcome to book a shorter appointment if they wish, just not a rapid assessment appointment that is an option for existing patients only.

Executive health checks take one hour duration and can be conducted at your workplace with a minimum number required. We include a Health Stem Report as part of this service. Please enquire about our fees for this consult type.

Preventative Health consultations are one hour duration. This also includes a Health Stem Report sent to you within one week of your appointment. Please enquire about our fees for this appointment type.

Frequently asked questions

There may be other fees that apply to particular types of consultations, for example consultations related to skin procedures. Please ask our team for more information.

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Yes, we open up rapid access clinic spots from 8am, from the evening beforehand.

We offer home visits in urgent cases, for regular patients who are unable to attend the surgery. Fees start at $240.00 for locations within our postcode, and will be higher for further travel distance.

Yes – we are a strong believer that it’s never just a script. But if it truly is just a script, and not a complicated one at that, we offer a Rapid Access Clinic for our regular patients. For scripts and referrals without an appointment, we charge a private fee with no Medicare rebate, and this is at the doctor’s discretion.

Patients that do not attend an appointment without providing 24 hours notice of cancellation will still be charged a standard consultation fee (no medicare rebate applicable). For rapid access clinic appointments, the cancellation window is reduced to 2 hours so that your spot can be given to other patients in need.

Further appointments will not be able to be made until this fee is paid.

Medicare Australia is your government funded insurance policy for some forms of healthcare. This is not meant to be payment for your doctor, rather a subsidy for patients towards the cost of their care.

In order to claim a rebate, we require you to bring your Medicare card to your appointment so we can verify your details to process a rebate.
This enables us to process an on the spot rebate to your account via our software.

You can also submit your own claim online or via your Medicare app.

No, we are not currently setup as a vaccination provider. We encourage you to seek out vaccination via other primary care providers.

Yes we do. However, you are only eligible for a Medicare rebate if you have been seen at Rose Healthcare in person within the previous 12 months. Without this condition it will be a private fee with no rebate.

Yes, but to ensure adequate protection for other patients and our staff, we ask that you notify us beforehand to facilitate appropriate PPE use and cleaning between patients.

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