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Rose Healthcare is structured to facilitate a slow medicine approach, while providing a priority access clinic to our regular patients when rapid care is required.

Rapid Assessment Clinic

Although Rose Healthcare focuses on a long medicine approach in order to provide bespoke, thorough care, we understand that some problems are in fact, simple. “Just a script” is never “just a script,” but we also realise that sometimes, it just is! This is why Rose Healthcare offers a Rapid Assessment Clinic. We offer this for existing patients only. We ensure that Rapid Assessment Clinic appointments are available during opening hours, and provide a maximum 15 minute appointment spot for one simple issue only – for example, a new cough, prescription repeat, referral to an existing provider, or a new acute disease presentation in a child. If appointments go beyond the allocated 15 minutes we will have to provide essential care only and reschedule a longer review for a later date. By booking a Rapid Assessment Clinic appointment, you understand that there are limits to this appointment type and the care provided. These only open up in the morning (same day), and require a quick call to our reception to nab a spot.

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We offer the following services, but understand that some patients will have complex needs requiring custom treatments. Please get in touch if you have further questions.

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